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Okay, so it's my 29th birthday (and Easter) on Sunday so I won't be around this weekend because I'm going away to mourn my 20s celebrate. So, no Caturday this week. 


To anyone who is celebrating Passover or Easter, happy holidays!



If you haven't watched Season 1 of Orange is the New Black, you're missing out on a great show! Available on Netflix! 


Don't comment on this post.


I ask that if anyone has a problem with me, please send me an PM. I also invite you to look over my posts from a couple of days ago. 


Please read carefully. In particular, I'd like to highlight the following:


"Sometimes you need to vent, rage, whine, or whatever. Just be smart about it. Unfortunately, most of us here have to examine the consequences of the things we decide to post about because sites like STGRB exist.  A lot of us have learned the hard way. Some of us don't care, but others do. And I guess that's a personal decision everyone has to make and I shouldn't tell anyone what to do."


"So, I guess all I'm really trying to say is to be smart about whatever you decide to do and know the consequences beforehand."


If what I said was somehow offensive, I ask you to either send me a PM or unfollow me.


One more thing: I'm a blunt person and not everyone can handle that. I understand. I don't sugar coat things. If you fuck up, I'll tell you that you've fucked up. Especially if I consider you a friend. I do it because I care and I rather be honest than lie.


Have a great day.

Retail Horror Stories

Every now and then, I like to read some of the stories on this site to help remind myself of my reasons for going back to college. 


The short reason: I fucking hate working in retail.


I have over 15 years of retail experience in various positions. I've been a cashier, in sales, as a makeup artist in large department stores, management positions, etc. A little bit of everything. I honestly believe that it should be required for all people to work for at least a few months in a retail position because the shit we have to deal with from the public will:


A.) Make you have a thicker skin.

B.) Make you behave more appropriately and more kindly to retail staff.

C.) Not be an asshole.


Here is just a small sample of the type of shit I've had to deal with. Feel free to add your own to this post. I always love to hear other people's stories!


1.) Circa 1999. My first real job. I was hired as a cashier in a large chain store that is no longer in business. When it was time to take a break, I had to turn off my light, take the next three customers if I had a line, and ask the remaining customers to go to a different line to check-out. This was store policy and the front-end managers were very strict about it. Usually people were nice and left my line without a problem and it didn't happen every day. I had only been working there for a month when this rather large woman came into my line after I had already turned off my light. I politely asked her to go to the next line and mentioned that my light was turned off. She copped a big attitude with me, told me a was a "racist white bitch" and kept yelling that the only reason I wouldn't help her was because of her skin color. I was 15, almost 16, years old and she had me in tears. I ended up allowing her to stay in my line hoping that she would shut up, but the whole time I was checking her out, she was extremely abusive. My manager finally took notice and kicked her out of the store.


2.) I had another job where, during Christmas season, we had artificial trees on display. One day, a very drunk man came in and was singing Christmas carols as loud as he could. I was already on the phone with security to get him escorted out and into a taxi, when he whipped out his dong in front of me and pissed on one the display trees while singing.


3.) I had to call the police on a man that decided to masturbate into a lotion container when I worked as a counter manager at Clinique in NYC. In the same store, there was a foreign woman who couldn't speak a word of English that started to scream at one of my employees. None of us could understand her or what language she was speaking. Suddenly, she shit herself and it went, well, everywhere. Later on we realized she might have been asking for directions to the restroom.


4.) When I was a freelanced makeup artist, I traveled to various stores, theaters, venue halls, etc. At one of the stores, there was a woman who kept making remarks about my breasts while I was putting (I forget, think it was lipstick) makeup on her face. I was very thin at the time, but I've always had large breasts. I tried to ignore it, but then she reached out to "weigh" one of my breasts. Without thinking, I smacked her hand away. She claimed I assaulted her, but luckily, we had her on the security cameras.


5.) I've had my fair share of men being pigs because of my profession. Somehow, "professional makeup artist" translates to "whore" in some men's eyes. I've been physically touched, harassed, etc. One of the worst offenders was an older man who told me, after being perfectly kind for the rest of our conversation, that he "loves young pussy" and asked me if I have a "tight snatch." 


6.) There was a woman who threw a gift with purchase at me because she thought it was cheap and I had somehow insulted her by giving it to her.


7.) I've had people change price tags on items to get things for a lower price.


8.) There were multiple accounts of people shitting or pissing or masturbating inside of dressing rooms.


9.) One of my first jobs had to create a rule of not allowing customers to use the restroom because of incidents. The one that was the cause of the rule happened while I was employed there. A man shit in our sink instead of using the toilet. I happened to be the unfortunate soul to walk in on this occurring because he didn't lock the door, nor did he respond when I knocked. 


(I'm just realizing how many of these stories involve shit and piss.)


10.) Someone put a dead cat (or raccoon, it was hard to tell) in our cardboard compactor which was in our backroom when I worked at a pharmacy. We had the back doors open because we were expecting a delivery. None of us realized the animal was in there until one of my coworkers turned the machine on and, well, you can image what happened. Blood, guts and fur stuck on all of the cardboard inside, compacted. The manager had to call to get it cleaned out. It was pretty sick.


....On top of a lot of mean, nasty, grumpy, rude and perverted people. That's why I went back to college. I fucking REFUSE to work in retail ever again. I know I'll always have to work with the public, but to a much smaller degree.


And I am an awesome shopper. I respond when sales people say hello. I put shit back where I found it. I never call sales people names, curse them out, grab them, or say perverted things. I will stick up for workers if I see them being treated like shit by another customer. And that's the way it should be.

Comedy Gold

I don't know if this was meant to be funny, but I just fucking lost my shit over this post. I laughed for maybe 10 minutes straight and actually had trouble breathing.


The first comment someone left had me laughing for another minute or so. Comedy gold, right there.



Never laugh at live dragons.

J. R. R. Tolkien

Slow Clap

Congrats, Drama Llamas!


THIS is exactly the type of consequence (of which I spoke of earlier) you get when you decide to bicker and fight with each other for two days in a row.



Good job!

I may piss people off with this, but I've been watching certain shenanigans blow up over the last two days, taking up room on my dashboard and whatnot. So, I'm just going to throw this out here:


Stop giving Melissa more ammunition to use on her damn hate site.


Be an adult. Have adult conversations. In private. 


If it needs to go public, be smart about it.


Don't make accusations that you aren't 100% sure of, because if they turn up to be false, you lose credibility. 


I know sometimes it's difficult to do all of the above. Sometimes you need to vent, rage, whine, or whatever. Just be smart about it. Unfortunately, most of us here have to examine the consequences of the things we decide to post about because sites like STGRB exist.  A lot of us have learned the hard way. Some of us don't care, but others do. And I guess that's a personal decision everyone has to make and I shouldn't tell anyone what to do. I've posted about things that I've later regretted because it came back to bite me in the ass, hell, maybe this post will too. 


But after sitting here and quietly observing everything that is going on right now, I have to wonder if all of the bickering is worth it? Because everything everyone is saying is winding up on that damn site, FYI. You might as well give them your whole conversations wrapped in a pretty pink bow because they are having a field day with it. It's like Christmas to these asshats. They just sit and WAIT for something to complain about.


So, I guess all I'm really trying to say is to be smart about whatever you decide to do and know the consequences beforehand. This is something I've been wanting to say for a while and, well, the perfect opportunity arose. 


I was editing my final marketing plan since 4 a.m. this morning




And my computer crashed.


Tom Hiddleston


I thought I lost everything because, even though I had it saved, my computer hates me sometimes and will randomly not save things. So, I turned it back on and, luckily, all of my work was saved.




I continued to work and then I went to print it out and my printer decided it didn't want to print anything. In a fit of rage, I just started to beat on the damn thing.


Breaking Bad


And it magically started to work. :D


Holy flashback, Batman

I changed around the way my profile looks and I was searching for a new picture to go with it. I totally forgot that hubby and I had black and white photos done at our wedding.


Love! <3


I keep a handheld journal of quotes I love. I've done this since middle school, so I have a good chunk of quotes and a few journals filled. I'm going to start sharing some, maybe once a day if I remember. I hope no one minds. :)

I guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.

Delirium by Lauren Oliver



"To scratch the baby, or not to scratch the baby. Okay, I'll be nice."




Me Stuff

I really haven't been around much. I guess this is becoming the norm for me. It's not that I don't want to post stuff, I just haven't been reading at all lately. The past several months, this whole year actually, has been crazy busy. Luckily, I have a much needed break from school starting the end of this week until the end of April. Thank you, Easter (which just happens to be my birthday as well). I'm hoping I can go on a reading spree and at least share a few thoughts on the books I end up finishing. We'll see.


Right now, I'm neck deep in Marketing Innovation 321 hell. I have one more paper to write which is actually a revision of the marketing plan that I already wrote. Easy peasy. This was broken up into two parts, each graded individually. I'm on track to get another "A" grade in this class. How high of an "A" will depend on how well I do on my revision paper. Yay me!


I'm also STILL working on my book database and the rearranging of my books. I now have all of my new bookshelves filled and I'm about halfway through my large bookshelves. For reference, here is a picture of my giant shelves that was taken not long after my hubby built them for me. They are completely filled now and the picture doesn't do them justice. They are larger than they appear in this photo.



This has been an exhausting process. I didn't realize how many books I own and I've already filled three boxes of books that I'll be donating to our local library and Goodwill. I go through about 100 books per day for the last, um, I think month now. What makes it even more sad is the fact that a lot of these books I haven't even read yet. I went onto Amazon and realized that I've purchased about 15 books every month for the last two years. I go through about 5 of the newly purchased books every month and the rest of the books I read are on my Kindle from freebies or eARCs. So, more than half of my collection hasn't been read yet. Pathetic. 


Other random things:


- My school adviser has been pushing me to blog again (like reopen my own blog, which I had for over two years), because she thinks it would look good on my resume. I flat out told her that it's not happening. I just don't have the energy to do it anymore and I'm not like CERTAIN AUTHORS that go away and come back after quitting. Besides the fact that I have a certain nutbag that still watches everything I do, I don't like the direction YA book blogs are going nowadays. Everything seems to be so focused on author promotion and I get tired of seeing the same shit on so many blogs. That isn't the way I blogged. Yes, I did participate in a lot of promotional things, but I feel like everything is so fake now. I don't know how better to explain it. 


- I made it my goal this year to lose the weight that I've put on since starting college and being bed ridden for half a year due to a knee injury a few years back. I was pretty disgusted with how much weight I had gained over a 5-year period. It's been slow to see any results, but I've finally made some progress. I've lost about 12 pounds so far. It's harder than I thought it would be because my knee can't handle a lot of the cardio I should be doing. I joined Planet Fitness a few weeks ago and I've been trying out the equipment to figure out what I can or cannot do. I have about 50 pounds I'd like to lose by the end of this year. I think it's doable, I just wish it were easier. (For those who don't know, I slipped and fell inside of a bathroom at my old college in 2009 and my knee cap rotated to the side of my leg. I had to have three separate surgeries to repair it and I might need one more in the future to replace one of the pins that is holding everything together. Fun!)


- Hubby and I booked our vacation for the end of July. We're going all the way to Seattle to visit my cousin and his wife whom I haven't met yet. I've never been on the West coast before, so I'm super excited. We are staying for 4 days there and then we are leaving with them to go to Arizona, where Ro  (the wife) is from. Her family are Navajo, so this will also be my first trip to a western Rez. It will be interesting to see the difference in culture (my family are Eastern Natives). Plus, I've heard Arizona is gorgeous.


Okay. I think that's it for now! Never a dull moment around here. :)




If I fits, I sits! 


Too freaking cute! :D

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I'll put whatever I want on my list!

If you've hated all my other books you'll also hate [upcoming title] so take it off your WOW list. I am me. Consistent that way.

First of all, I would never presume that an author publishes the same book over and over. I choose to believe an author writes different characters, different settings, and different storylines each time.


Second of all, I will read what I WANT to read. As long as I read it via legal means (puchased, library borrow, gift, NetGalley/Edelweiss, etc), you telling me what to, or what NOT to, read does not reflect well on you professionally.

If I choose to read a book that I may not like, that's MY decision - NOT YOURS.


My thoughts: I just find this rude. I've read books that I've loved after I hated the first few books. It happens! Stop being so damn sensitive, Stacey Jay! I have her books too and I'm considering giving them away because of this author's whine. It rubs me the wrong way.

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